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Boulder, Colorado-based supplier Hexa Custom (asi/60557) is expanding beyond its signature customizable outerwear to launch a line of bags made from leftover fabric from outerwear manufacturing.
Hexa Custom (asi/60557) recently launched a line of bags made from leftover fabric from outerwear manufacturing.
“Rather than reinvent the wheel, we decided to use premium materials that are ingrained in the DNA of our outerwear to create a unique and coherent aesthetic,” said Hexa creative director Kat Baker. “At the same time, these bags guarantee a unique visual identity inside. advertising industry.”
Hexa says there is also a sustainability factor, as using excess fabric to make bags helps reduce waste and the supplier’s carbon footprint. The Puffy Tote and Puffy Laptop Sleeve are from the Mega Puff outerwear line. Crossbody bags are made from a variety of outerwear fabrics used by suppliers. Hexa says the fabrics have been selected to ensure “durability, load-bearing capacity and uncompromising quality.”
Headquartered in Boulder and manufactured in China, Hexa Custom specializes in custom, on-demand manufacturing using high-quality materials to create durable, environmentally friendly products.
According to Hexa, the next step to expand luggage production is a natural step and is in line with the company’s brand image. “This is more than just a presentation of the bag,” Baker said. “This is the beginning of a new era for Hexa Custom.”
Hexa Custom isn’t the only supplier using surplus fabric in creative ways. Canopy tent supplier Ameramark (asi/53455) recently released a line of hair ties, cosmetic bags and other items made from scrap materials. Other recycling initiatives in the advertising industry include a range of coasters, soap dishes and other products made from recycled pallet wood from Botanical PaperWorks (asi/41273) and from disposable streetwear from Redwood Classics Apparel (asi/81627). Collection of bags – pole banner.
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Post time: Apr-29-2024